Self Determined Participatory Action of Marginalized Groups: The streets of São Paulo

motoboys são paulo – community media broadcast

While searching for existing mobile phones projects in São Paulo, a publication at WI revealed two examples of mobile phone usage and the corresponding mapping of the produced (locative) media. The first one, sticker map is cool but for now, the second example, megafone.net,  is more related to the idea of this thesis.

Megafone.net "has been inviting groups of people on the fringe of society to express
their experiences and opinions through face-to-face editorial meetings
and mobile phones. The cell phones, which allow participants to create
audio recordings and images that are immediately published to the Web,
act as digital megaphones, amplifying the voices of individuals and
groups who are often overlooked or misrepresented in mainstream media". (source: megafone.net

Since 2006, a group of motoboys (professional courier moto-cyclists) in São Paulo started to document their daily working environment with mobile phones. They transmit the produced media directly from their mobile phones via the internet to their media channel.

últimas gerações de telefonia
celular permitem a publicação imediata na Internet de conteúdos
multimídia a partir de telefones celulares com câmara integrada.
Este contexto possibilita a criação itinerante e remota de canais
audiovisuais na Internet, prescindindo dos sofisticados e custosos
de gravação e emissão, como os tradicionalmente usados
em televisão.
receptores destas emissões têm a possibilidade de pesquisar nos
conteúdos e de publicar seus comentários nos fóruns, convertendo-se
em usuários ativos do dispositivo de comunicação.

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oficina de vídeo / workshop film-making with mobile devices

(english version below)

No sábado passado, se
realizou uma oficina de vídeo maravilhosa na Ay Caramela! um espaço
autogerido que fica no centro de São Paulo, em . Entre 10 e 15
pessoas participavam, algumas são participantes regulares, algumas
são mais novas e só ficavam lá poucas vezes antes.

O assunto da oficina é o
uso de dispositivos móveis em software livre para filmar e criar
vídeos curtos, feito por a população em situação da rua. A
oficina fica agora no segundo semestre e consiste duma série de
encontros cada sábado. No último sábado, 3 vídeos já estavam
prontos e mais viram em breve. No fim dessa oficina terá uma mostra
pública na Praça de Sé e em outros lugares, então em esses
lugares onda a vida da população em situação da rua acontece. Os
vídeos se tratam de varias temas, fictício ou real, mas com assunto
geral – a vida na rua.

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mídia para pesquisa

Para ter um descrição mais intuitivo
dos objetivos da tese e da pesquisa, uma representação gráfica
seja melhor do que texto. Então, tem duas mapas-de-mente aqui, uma sobre
os objetivos da pesquisa e uma sobre o funcionamento do projeto da

master thesis project map in portuguesemaster thesis project map in portuguese master thesis project map in portuguese

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media for fieldwork

After the first days of adjustment to São Paulo, its time to get in contact with people and groups in the next few weeks, in order to finally find out where to conduct the field work for this thesis.

master thesis project map in portuguesemaster thesis project map in portuguesemaster thesis project map in portuguese 

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angekommen – chegei – arrived – in …

São Paulo

looks like the empirical work of my thesis is going to happen here, which I think is massive :D. The next weeks are going to show what is possible and in which place in the city. For the moment everything is cool, I’ve got a nice place to stay, with nice people, and need some days for mental adjustment.

In order to give some impression of the daily buzzyness here, this blog has a new section called DIARY where I try to put photos and corresponding information as often as possible. Here is the first real view of the city, taken from the plane just before landing. 

 sao paulo, the center can be seen in the background 

more places…

A friend told me about an autonomous and self-organized social center in São Paulo. Its the Espaço Ay Carmela! which serves as collective space for groups and indiviuals in the city, like the indymedia collective of SP or Movimento Passa Livre which carries out direct actions for a just public transport system in the city.

Mapping/Cartography and social/urban struggle are some of the topics of the events happening there and the struggle of the groups is also related to questions such as urban reformation and the right for the city. I will try to get in contact with some people in order to find out if there are some similarities between their struggle and the idea of this thesis.

Map of Mobile Activism

One part of theoretical part of this thesis is the examination of initiatives and (social/political) activism that utilizes mobile communication. Conclusions about their aims, applied technologies & methodologies and more can be drawn from these examinations. This may give an insight on how these initiatives are organized and realized and in how far the underlying principles vary or coincide with the principles of this thesis and its concepts.

In order to start some mapping experiments, a new page is available on this blog which embeds all maps to be created for this thesis. The first available map visualizes Mobile Activism Worldwide.

looking for a place to stay

information about the practical part of my thesis are currently a little underrepresented. thus its time to write a bit about possible places where the reallife mapping of the urban environment with mobile phones could take place. I currently wrote emails to a number of urban movements and groups in various cities where people are organized mainly around housing issues. The cities are São Paulo in Brazil, Nairobi in Kenia and Durban/Cape Town in South Africa, where the following movements and groups are based:

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its a long time since I updated this blog but now its time to work on it more frequently. here comes a short overview of what have been done so far:

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