Self Determined Participatory Action of Marginalized Groups: The streets of São Paulo

media for fieldwork

After the first days of adjustment to São Paulo, its time to get in contact with people and groups in the next few weeks, in order to finally find out where to conduct the field work for this thesis.

master thesis project map in portuguesemaster thesis project map in portuguesemaster thesis project map in portuguese 

In order to have a more intuitive description of what the fieldwork is about, poster like graphics may be a more suitable media then plain text description. Thus, here are two initial mind maps about the field work and how it could be realized (in terms of methodology, not in terms of technical implementation). Their aim is also to translate the very abstract concepts of the thesis (like network society or peer-production and the like) into a more understandable form, especially if one thinks about the majority of people that don’t write blogs, produce alternative media or simply don’t have access to a computer or the internet. The final aim of this maps will be to create small handouts or booklets which can be distributed. This will require a bit more work because the current maps are still not suitable for those kinds of offline/print media.

(UPDATE: a portuguese version is available now as well)

thesis project objectives - english

Fig. 1: The concept of the field work

documentation and mapping graphs in english

Fig. 2: How could the field work be conducted

A click on the images will lead you to more elaborated sites (which are not yet perfect) and which will be part of the CaseStudy and Methodology chapter of the thesis.


  • The concept of the field work [pdf]
  • How could the field work be conducted [pdf]

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