Self Determined Participatory Action of Marginalized Groups: The streets of São Paulo

lista de Hardware/Software necessário

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A seguinte lista mostra a software/hardware necessário para a
manutenção de infraestrutura técnica para a realização da
pesquisa da tese de mestrado. 

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list of necessary Hardware and Software

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The following list shows the hard- and software necessary for building up the necessary infrastructure for the research/field work.

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time scedule fieldwork/programa de pesquisa

(versão portuguese)

 A seguinte programação revela as
partes mais importantes da pesquisa. A programação faz parte da
metodologia da pesquisa que propõe como o correspondendo projeto
poderia ser realizado numa maneira autogerido, autônomo e
As partes individuais serão elaborada
ainda mais aqui mas por o momento só há a descrição geral.

(english version)

The following schedule roughly defines the main parts the fieldwork is consisting of. The schedule is part of the fieldwork methodology which proposes how the corresponding project could be conducted in a self-organized, autonomous and transparent manner.
The individual parts are going to be described in
more detail here soon, for the moment only their general description
is available.
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mídia para pesquisa

Para ter um descrição mais intuitivo
dos objetivos da tese e da pesquisa, uma representação gráfica
seja melhor do que texto. Então, tem duas mapas-de-mente aqui, uma sobre
os objetivos da pesquisa e uma sobre o funcionamento do projeto da

master thesis project map in portuguesemaster thesis project map in portuguese master thesis project map in portuguese

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media for fieldwork

After the first days of adjustment to São Paulo, its time to get in contact with people and groups in the next few weeks, in order to finally find out where to conduct the field work for this thesis.

master thesis project map in portuguesemaster thesis project map in portuguesemaster thesis project map in portuguese 

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In order to answer the research question of this thesis,
the following overall objective and the corresponding sub-objectives
shall be achieved:


Implementation and analysis of the
methodology that allows the community based mapping of the urban
environment in a peer-2-peer “produsage” process.

of the theoretical concepts for the intended produsage process.

of an indicator system that takes the restrictions of mobile phones
and the structure of the communities’ urban environment into account.

of a (digital) map that is fed with urban spatial information from
mobile phones.

exchange with the community.

of the produsage processes and creation of a corresponding info-kit
as possible guideline for similar projects.



Research Proposal

master thesis will be placed within the framework of the
network-society. The network-society allows many-to-many
communication, self-production, -publishing, -usage and facilitate
social change from the grassroots level. Several related concepts are
therefore important for this research:

and usage means that we become
producer and user at the same time (Bruns,2009). Produsage also means
that information creation and usage is peer based, which assembles
the network-society’s concept of many-to-many communication.
Peer-based means that a network of interconnected people continuously
creates, changes and uses information (
Foundation, 2009
By nature, this information is common because everyone can access
these information without restriction (
Foundation, 2010
Peer-based also means decentralized, thus no central instance exist
that determines the purpose of the network.

network of interest for this master thesis connects people by mobile
phones. We have seen that mobile communication is the most widespread
technology which should allow many people to construct such a
network. Mobile communication is considered as the suitable tool to
form a peer-based network of people that produses common information
in order to provoke social change according to their needs and their
local context.

geographical focus of this thesis will be put on the urban
environment because the highly urbanized conglomerations of our time
are the place of highest disparity between rich and poor and host the
majority of the worlds population. At the same time, a large number
of social organisation and struggle can be found in this areas, ie.
local communities, cooperatives and urban (social) movements. As
shown earlier, urban areas are also those areas with the highest
concentration of mobile phone subscribers which is a prerequisite to
allow peer-based mobile phone networks to emerge.

finally back to the meaning of information itself it was shown that
information is the main good of the network-society. Information
represent political messages if they can reach the members of
society, because society construct itself around available
information, thus their public availability can be used to exercise
social power. It is therefore necessary to make information
available. When considering the urban environment, user generated
digital maps can be used to publish common information and
simultaneously provide the means to analyse and reuse them in order
to develop strategies for social change. This leads to the research
question of this thesis:

mobile communication be used to map the urban environment of a
community in a peer-based “produsage” process?

The following References can also be found in the corresponding zotero.org


Bruns, A., 2009. ‘Anyone Can Edit’ : Vom Nutzer zum Produtzer. Kommunikation@Gesellschaft, 10. Available at: http://eprints.qut.edu.au/27479/ [Accessed January 6, 2010].  

P2P Foundation, 2010. Commons. P2P Foundation. Available at: http://p2pfoundation.net/Commons [Accessed February 10, 2010].

P2P Foundation, 2009. Peer Production. P2P Foundation. Available at: http://p2pfoundation.net/Peer_Production [Accessed February 10, 2010].


Mobile Activism and Social Change

The purpose of the following text is to give an overview about the
worldwide rise digital activism to provoke social change with a special emphasis on mobile phone activism.
It is work in progress and by
far not complete
. This initial version is based on the corresponding
paragraphs written for the research proposal of this thesis. 

The current text tries to classifiy different forms of mobile activism according to existing projects and movements that facilitates mobile phones in their struggle. The classification is currently somewhat limited and needs to be elaborated further. The main aim is to get a rough overview about the context in which mobile phones are used more frequently (such as advocacy or crisis monitoring to name just a few) and in which areas mobile phones are not used yet used so frequently.

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The Mobile Revolution

The purpose of the following text is to give an overview about the worldwide rise of information and communication technology (ICT) with particular emphasis on the spread of mobile phones in Africa, South-America and Asia. It is work in progress and by far not complete
. This initial version is based on the corresponding
paragraphs written for the research proposal of this thesis. 

The current text presents statistical information about the usage of mobile phones worldwide in terms of number of mobile phone subscribers and provides a very short analysis of those numbers.

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The Network Society

The purpose of the following text is to introduce the theory of the network-society which provides the theoretical framework for the master thesis. It is work in progress and by far not complete yet. This initial version is based on the corresponding paragraphs writen for the research proposal of this thesis. 

It is currently divided into two parts; part one briefly explains the theory of the network-society while part two concentrates on the importance of information to provoke social change within the network-society.

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