Self Determined Participatory Action of Marginalized Groups: The streets of São Paulo

virada cultural

On the weekend of my arrival, the city`s biggest cultural mass event took place in the center. Virada Cultural – once a year, culture for free on the streets and places of Sao Paulo, for everybody. This attracted an estimated 3 million people (just estimates), the streets and metro and the whole center were packed with not-drunk people, drunk people, stoned people (weed was legalized this day, at least judging from the smell), queers, homeless, from the periferia of the city, young, old, gangstas, streetvendors. The periferia has normally no reason to come to the center, because public transport is expensive (one bus ride – R2.70; one metro ride – R2.65), takes long, and all culture is just for sale.

 virada cultural

"Culture for the whole city, the whole year" 

 virada cultural virada cultural

Some theater, djs and projections in the sky

  virada cultural




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