Self Determined Participatory Action of Marginalized Groups: The streets of São Paulo

a first look at various mapping projects

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The next couple of posts will look at several existing mapping projects in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Nairobi. These projects range from community mapping of Kibera – a slum in Nairobi – to mapping several favelas in Rio de Janeiro in a kind of citizens journalism approach up to cultural mappings of parts of Zona Sul and Zona Leste of São Paulo.

The applied mapping methodologies and objectives differ among the projects. The mapping of Kibera is done by adding content about the local environment to openstreetmap and by using SMS reporting and monitoring to inform local citizens about events, news and reports they might be interested in. The selected citizen journalists in Rio de Janeiro use dedicated mobile phones equipped with camera and gps units and a mobile software to directly put data on the online maps of the different favelas. The cultural mapping in São Paulo is more institutionalized and seeks to map and research the cultural activities in the different remote places and the periphery of the city.

MapKiberaKibera slum in Nairobi/Kenia

mapping projects

WikimapaComplexo de Maré , Complexo do Alemão, Santa Marta, Cidade de Deus, Pavão Pavãozinho in Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

mapping projects

Santo Amaro em RedeSanto Amaro/Zona Sul/São Paulo

mapping projects

Mapa das Artes Cidade TiradentesCidade Tiradentes/Zona Leste/São Paulo

mapping projects

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