Self Determined Participatory Action of Marginalized Groups: The streets of São Paulo

Interview: Alderon from RedeRua

(clique aqui para a versão portuguesa)

Yesterday a massive interview took place with Alderon from RedeRua. RedeRua is a communication centre that works with all kinds of communication means in order to publish and distribute information and content from the streets and its people.

The interview has a duration of about 1:15h and was recorded at OCAS, a social centre in the neighbourhood of Brás. It is available at archive.org under public domain. Currently, only the complete recording, uncut and unprocessed but already with good audio quality, is available. A cut and “mastered“ version will follow later. The interview is in Portuguese, an English transcription will follow as soon as possible as well.

Alderon RedeRua – complete interview [mp3][ogg][flac]

[update 2010.09.19]

The individual parts of the interview are available now as well.

01. AlderonRedeRua – the history of RedeRua [mp3][ogg][flac]

02. AlderonRedeRua – the work of RedeRua [mp3][ogg][flac]

03. AlderonRedeRua – power of communication [mp3][ogg][flac]

04. AlderonRedeRua – the escape from the streets [mp3][ogg][flac]

05. AlderonRedeRua – prevention and education [mp3][ogg][flac]

06. AlderonRedeRua – architecture of exclusion [mp3][ogg][flac]

07. AlderonRedeRua – digital tools [mp3][ogg][flac]

08. AlderonRedeRua – the right to the city [mp3][ogg][flac]

09. AlderonRedeRua – a city that receives its people well [mp3][ogg][flac]

10. AlderonRedeRua – the right to experiment [mp3][ogg][flac]

This interview is part of a series of interviews which form part of the methodology of my empirical research in São Paulo. More nice people will talk soon.


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