Self Determined Participatory Action of Marginalized Groups: The streets of São Paulo


This thesis theorizing objectives are meant to…

…mutual nurturing of academic, movement and personal spaces of knowledge in order to strengthen the struggle for social and emancipatory transformation. (p.54)

…benefit movement theorizing by providing access to often restricted academic content and discourses. (p.37)

…inject movement content in academic space. (p.38)

…build a network of solidarity with the people beyond the scope of this thesis. (p.38)

…provide translations to Portuguese for relevant parts of this thesis. (p.37)

…rise awareness and consciousness about the context in which social struggle and organizing takes place on the streets in São Paulo.

…theorizing on themes embedded in social struggle in São Paulo: the right to the city , participation , politics , citizenship. (p.36)

…deconstruct and reconstruct the mentioned themes from the standpoint of self-determined and emancipatory praxis that aims for social transformation.

…examine the mentioned themes for their proposals of utopian [lived] spaces.

Figure 7.12 Description of thesis theorizing objectives.


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