Self Determined Participatory Action of Marginalized Groups: The streets of São Paulo

what should I do?

Where am I now? I know who I am (p.13) and what I want to do (p.44) . I determined a set of demands (p.20) and non- authoritarian attitudes (p.24) that constitute my personal and my research practice and hence determined Action Research as the framework for my research actions  (p.27) .

Based on those concepts, I tried to demarcate the scope of actions (p.44) that could probably give this thesis a certain relevance (p.42) , relevant for me and for the struggle of the people.

I think its time now to become concrete and leave the space of imagination for a while.

I would like to outline the realization of my research actions and thesis theorizing in the following sections.

This outline shows my attempt of constructing a structure that allows theorizing and actions (p.48) to go hand in hand. It includes those approaches that has been  determined for theorizing (p.49) and research actions (p.51) and which tools I considered as helpful to support theorizing (p.54) and the production of this thesis and content (p.63) .

theory and praxis unfold

methods                                                           methods
for theorizing and knowledge                     for realizing research actions

tools                                                                 tools
for theorizing and knowledge                     for thesis writing and content
production                                                      production

Table 7.1 What should I do? Unfold Theory and Praxis.


objectives//theorizing << what should I do? >> theory//versus//practice

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